Khalil Maamoon Star Safari Black (3003)

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Khalil Maamoon Star Safari Black (3003)

Looking for a solid cast hookah with a little flare? Look no further than KM’s handmade Mini star Beast. Standing at about 28″ this hookah is portable and will follow you wherever you want to smoke.

It comes complete with:
-Khalil Mamoon Tray,
-An ultra-long KM signature hose (72 inches in length)
-Egyptian Clay Bowl,
-Rubber Grommets,
-2 Cleaning Brushes
-Base Protector

Additional Information on Khalil Mamoon Hookah
Khalil Mamoon is the most popular and reknowned Egyptian hookah brand, known for quality craftsmanship – beautiful design and quality build – KM stands alone at the top of the hookah maker list. KM shisha / hookahs are hand made in Cairo at the Khalil Mamoon Egypt Factory. Each KM is handmade & unique and so while strong and durable due to the use of heavy duty materials and welds as well as stunning artisanal attention to detail, each handcrafted KM hookah will be slightly imperfect in ways that do not affect quality or function – minor differences like scuffs, scratches, dings, imperfect fitment, weld-spots, finish, color, etc. are to be expected. These are NOT Chinese factory-made hookahs! These hookah pipes are sure to last a lifetime with proper care based on their build and materials.

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