King Palm Rollie Size Rolls 20ct 2pk Display

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King Palm Rollie Size Rolls 20ct 2pk Display

King Palm flavored Rollie pre-rolls hold up to 0.5g of flower and are the ideal product for any customer looking for a tasty, tobacco free wrap option to enjoy during a solo session! Each pouch includes two rolls with flavor-infused filter tips plus a packing stick for precise preparation. You have complete control over the flavor experience! A flavor pearl sits inside each filter, and you squeeze the filter until you feel a pop that activates the Gelato Cream flavor. If the pearl is not popped, it will taste just like an unflavored, plain King Palm. The Gelato Cream flavor adds a creamy ice cream flavor to any strain. King Palms are the world’s first palm leaf pre-rolls and are completely biodegradable. These leaves come from the Cordia dichotomy tree, which produces an abundance of leaves that are quickly regrown after being picked by farmers. King Palm filter tips are environmentally friendly, too! Made from 100% corn husk, the dense fibers create the perfect barrier. King Palm rolls and filters contain no additives, chemicals and tobacco; they use only all-natural essential oils to create these incredible flavor concoctions. Set this 20ct counter display right by the register so your customers know you have the latest and greatest from King Palm.

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Gelato Cream, Peach Tree, Cherry Charm


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