Mini Bubble Rig Glass Water Pipe 7″ WP10137

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Mini Bubble Rig Glass Water Pipe 7″ WP10137

Everyone needs something simple yet elegant – a subtle masterpiece, if you will. The Pink Colored Matrix Bubble Bong will add the perfect touch to any home decor, but her real talent is the ability to get you turnt up! This beautiful cheap glass bong is 6.5 inches of quality borosilicate glass and equipped with everything you need to get as high as the sky. With a built-in ash catcher and matrix percolator, expect filtered and smooth hits every single time from this percolator bong, so you can be cute and pretty with each inhale. With a flat, sturdy base and angled mouthpiece, this small bong makes it easy to take a toke while holding it for all of your at-home selfie sessions. Whether you are staying in the house or taking this cutie on the go, you’ll be sitting pretty regardless!

Material – Glass

Height – 7”

Width – 2.5”

Depth – 3.5”

Weight – 6.4 oz

Style – Water pipe

Joint Size – 14mm

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Weight1 lbs


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