Smok T Priv 3 Starter Kit (300W TC W/ Prince Tank)

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SMOK T-Priv 3 TC Starter Kit (300W T-Priv 3 Mod w/ Prince Tank)

No stranger to industry innovations, Smok forged a powerful reputation as the premiere name in sub-ohm vaping. Go to any vaporizer convention and you’re virtually guaranteed to see a connoisseur rip huge clouds from a Smoktech kit. With the company’s latest product launch, the Smok T-Priv 3 Kit, the vaunted organization issued a clear signal of intent to the competition.

The Smok T-Priv 3 is the successor to the heavily praised T-Priv model. At the time of the original’s introduction, the T-Priv stunned the sub-ohm enthusiast community with its ultra-massive 220W powerplant. For those that demanded the absolute best in terms of cloud production and density, the T-Priv stood alone. In addition, the predecessor was extremely attractive, layering bold lines and colors that drew significant attention.

Marketed for vapers that want to make a lasting impression, the Smok T-Priv 3 Kit integrates the same audacity onto its framework. The adjustable light control system – an innovation that the original T-Priv introduced to the vaping community – is back, along with the wild lines and accouterments for which the T-Priv is famous.

Smok also integrated fresh colors and tones for the T-Priv 3. Classic designs, such as classic black and prism rainbow, are well represented. However, the nuances imbued in prism gun metal, prism gold, and particularly prism chrome, truly bring out the contours of the T-Priv 3.

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