Swisher Sweets BLK 2 FOR 99C

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Swisher Sweets BLK 2 FOR 99C

Enter a world of the tarty cherry. The Swisher Sweets BLK Tip Cigarillos Cherry are everything you have been searching for enclosed in one smoke stick. Featuring premium pipe tobacco on the inside that has been diced and cut up in proportions that yield optimal consistency, these products combine different medium bodied flavors in one in order to tantalize your senses in the most inconceivable ways. What’s the recipe? Perhaps professionally grown, impeccably ripened leaves that burn with consistency upon every ignition. Or maybe it is the gorgeously swathed wrapper that is perfect for the lip embrace. No matter what you dare to consider first, you will be amazed at what this product offers you. This really is the best dessert replacement you have ever had.

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Wine, Berry, Cherry, Grape, Smooth


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