The Specialty Club Delta 8 Tincture Berry Smash 1000MG

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The Specialty Club Delta 8 Tincture Berry Smash 1000MG

Delta 8 THC Tincture: More Information

The Specialty Club Delta 8 Tincture was formulated with wellness and active lifestyles in mind. The Specialty Club has a team of sponsored Delta 8 athletes who have adopted Delta 8 products into their daily routines for a higher level of professional performance.

Whether you are a wakeboard warrior, yoga diva, sponsored athlete, or just like to jam out on your guitar, D8LTA branded products will help you get into the flow with a focus that you won’t find anywhere else. Our Delta 8 tincture is a wonderful addition to any active lifestyle to help take your passions to the next level. Put your mind and your body at ease while staying in the zone for unparalleled focus.

The Specialty Club Delta 8 Tincture Berry Smash 1000MG

What is a Delta 8 Tincture?

What is a delta 8 tincture you may ask? Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs that you take orally (by mouth). The Specialty Club. Daily active tincture drops are easy and convenient to use. They are taken directly under the tongue where they enter the bloodstream much more quickly and can provide your body the benefits it needs for an active lifestyle!

All of our finished products are fully compliant, Third Party Tested, and are manufactured in cGMP facilities following the highest standards for cleanliness, consistency, and quality. Check out the COA at the link below. Start your day right with Daily Active tinctures from The Specialty Club!

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